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Litter  (04/18/21)

Vaiana X Erkan

We have 4 kittens from this litter! This is our first mitted X mitted. Never try this kind of mating before. All kittens are under evaluation. Once they're available, I'll let my waitlist choose first.

One blue point girl

One blue(?) lynx point/bi girl

One blue(?) mitted boy with mismarked face

One blue(?) lynx point girl with kink tail, she will have x ray when she is ready for her first shot.

Blue point girl:

She is very affectionate! She have her own attitude when I took photos. 

Blue(?) lynx point/bi girl:

She is the biggest one in the litter. Eye drop was applied immediately after I took photo. Dont worry.

Blue mitted boy with mismarked blaze:

The boy is born as a tiny kitten in fever coat, but I believe he will be turned into a beautiful swan when he grows up. He dont have lots of hairs now, but is much better than just a few days old.

Blue(?) lynx point girl:

She is a little gem! If she dont have a kink on her tail, she probably have chance to be a show star. She will have x ray when she get her first shot in my vet clinic.

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