We will occassionally have retiree adult ragdolls available for their forever new home. All our breeding cats will retire before 5 years old, but normally at around 3 years or even earlier. Sometimes we retire our cats in 1~2 years old for some reasons. For some special cats, our adoption fee is $400. Our regular adoption fee is between $500 to $700.


Retiree will leave homedesexed, dewormed, vaccined, and come with their pedigree.


If you are interested in adopting a retiree, please feel free to join our waiting list.

IWA and Ethna were retired and both of them found home.

We have one 2 yrs old cream mitted boy available as retired adult.

Ohemegee Orange Pekoe

(5/15/17) show quality

The yellow background is took when he is two yrs old.

The brick background is took when he is one yrs old.

If you are interested to adopt him as retired neutered cat, plz check our contract and filled out our kitten application form.