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Before you welcome a kitten to your home, you need to prepare those things:

-Cat Tree and scratcher

-Litter, deodorizer, Litter Box, and mat

-Cat Food (dry, wet, frezee dried, or raw), Treats, Cat Bowls, and Water Fountains




Most of things you can buy from Chewy, Amazon or Petflows.



Cat Tree:

Your kitten is using Vesper and Catsle cat trees. You can get Vesper inside United States. If you have more budget, you can get the brand named Molly and Family, or another heavy carpet cat tree.


Cat Scratcher:

Your kitten is using Pet Fusion cat jumbo scratchers and Frisco 33.5-in Scratching Posts.




Every Clumping litter is welcome to use. However, I suggest to use following brands:

-Dr. Elsery’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter, 40lb bag

-Dr. Elsery’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Training Cat Litter, 20lb box

-BoxiePro Deep Clean Scent Free Probiotic Clumping Cat Litter, 28lb bag

-Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter, 10lb bag (Green bag)

-Garfield Cat Litter Small Grains Flusable Cat Litter, 15 lb case (Purple bag)

-Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Premium Clumping Clay Cat litter, 42lb bag


Litter deodorizer:

-Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer Powder, 30oz box

-Hartz Fresh Scent DEodorizing Litter Beads, 5.6oz


Litter Box:

Your kitten is using large, extra large litter boxes, or Litter Robot III Open Air.

I suggest you to buy box with shield or with hood (if it have a door on the hood, take it off)

For Litter Robot III Open Air, you can get $25 off by using this link:


Litter mat:

I prefer large or X-large litter mat for ur kitten. Brand is Lepet, you can get from Amazon.





Cat Food: Freeze Dried Cat Food, Raw, Dry Food, and Wet Food

Your kitten is eating Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Cat Food (Usually Chicken or Turkey) once per day, or raw food (Ground Chicken/Bones/Organs plus Alnutrin) by Haretoday once per day, too. Dried cat food for kitten is Royal Canin (Mother and babycat dry food or kitten formula). If you dont like Royal Canin, I highly recommend you to feed grain free cat food, such as Fromm game bird all stage cat food (you can buy from Petflows), or Orijen, etc. No Purina, Science Hills, Fancy Feast or Freskies allowed! Remembered, u need to separate raw and cooked (like dry cat food and wet canned food) at least six hours, otherwise your kitten may have diarrhea or stomach problems.


For Freeze Dried Cat Food, I recommend following brands:

-Fresh Is Best

-Stella and Chewy’s

-Vita Essential


Your kitten is eating Tiki (Egg and Chicken), Ziwi Peak (Rabbit), or Royal Canin Canned Wet Food (mother and babycat or kitten formula) two to three times per week. Every Grain Free canned food is welcome to give, but no Wellness (the brand) allowed. No Purina, Science Hills, Fancy Feast or Freskies allowed! Always!



Your kitten is eating Fresh is Best chicken treats (heart, neck, and breast) daily.

Recommend brands:

-Fresh Is Best

-Whole Life


-Inaba Ciaos (Japanese brand, but not daily, once or twice per week is ok)


Cat Bowls:

I prefer natural ceramic cat bowls to plastic. Your kitten is using Lepet elevated cat bowls. Either Incline or Plane. 15% off Coupon is 45H4PX2S (for incline bowl only). One time per person, expired date 12/31/2018.


Water Fountain:

Your kitten is using Homdox Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain, Water Fountains for Cats and Dogs 2.1 liters Lotus Electric Automatic Pet Water Dispenser Filtered Water for Your Pets 70 oz. Water Capacity from Amazon. The price is cheaper than same materials fountains on Amazon.





You can buy a lot toys from Chewy or Petflows, any kind of toys your kitten will enjoy.




The last one and the most important one, too.

You need to have a Insurrance plan for your kitten to prevent future accident or illness. I recommend HealthyPaws.

Reimbursement Option: 80%~90%

Deductible Option: $100~$250

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